Lost Pets

Female Dog Missing


This female dog went missing on CNY at Taman Hillview Gunung Rapat. Please help us to reunite her with her owners. If you see the dog, please call Mr. Tan on 016 553 9923. 


pomeranian dog lost around immigration ipoh malaysia

Alvin, 3 year old Pomeranian,golden brown, lost around immigration Ipoh. Please contact Mr. Darren Low on 016 422 6555 if dog sighted or found.  Cash reward of RM1500 offered if dog found.

Female Dog Missing

Female dog lost in Gunung Rapat, ipoh malaysia

This friendly female dog went missing in Pekeliling Rokam, Gunung Rapat on 1st June. Responds to the name Dora. If you find her, please call 016 615 6172 or 010 565 4702

Large Male Dog Lost

large male dog lost at bukit merah main road

This large male dog called Kam Zhai was lost at the Bukit Merah main road. He is neutered but unfortunately did not have a collar at the time he was lost. Kindly call 016 554 0269 if found.

White Cat


A little female white cat named Shim with light beige ears and tail, blue eyes, no collar is missing. Last seen on Jalan Bintang Taman Westpool. Timid and easily frightened. Please call Sham on 012 326 2750 if found or sighted. Reward offered.

Taken from JR Clinic in Ipoh Garden

female puppy lost in ipoh garden ipoh perak malaysia

This gentle 2 months old female puppy was taken from JR Vet Clinic in Ipoh Garden on 27 December, together with the cage she was in. Please report any sightings to Dr. Ranjit 019 556 8292 asap. If you have taken the puppy, please return her. Thank you!

Pets Found

Small Dog Found in First Garden

Samll dog found in First Garden Ipoh Perak Malaysia

 This friendly small dog was found at a location in First Garden. If you are the owner, or you know who the owner is, please contact Suresh on 016 289 6953 asap. 

Male dog found 3 June 2019

Dog foud in Ipoh malaysia

 Very  friendly male dog found in Taman area, Ipoh. If this is your dog, or  you know the owner, please call Malika asap, 017 575 1556 

Small Poodle Breed

small poodle found in Tasek Jaya Taman Tasek ipoh perak malaysia

This small poodle was found in Tasek Jaya, Taman Tasek. If this is your dog, or you have any information on the owner, please call 018 468 4011

Female Shitzu

Female shitzu found in Taman Ipoh Jaya Padang Ipoh perak malaysia

This female shitzu was found near Taman Ipoh Jaya Padang. If this is your dog, please call Ms. Wong: 012 522 0910

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